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Do you want to
Learn2speakSwedish - Privately?

My name is Pär-Johan Goody-Rohdin and I'm a native speaker of Swedish.

I do Private Tutoring (face-to-face in Perth, WA)
and online (using Skype and Google Docs).

I have lived in Australia since 2004. I was a teacher of Swedish for the Swedish School of WA between 2006 and 2017. I’ve been tutoring privately since 2008.

I love to teach Swedish.

  • Interested in Swedish culture and language?

  • Can't come to the Swedish classes on Monday nights?

  • Want to keep up the momentum between semesters?

  • Can't wait until the next class starts?

  • Is learning in a group not for you?

  • Going to Sweden and in need of a crash course in Swedish?

  • Or just can't get enough of Swedish?

Then email me at Learn2speakSwedish@gmail.com

 Welcome!      Välkommen!


I feel inspired. I thought I knew a lot(ish) of Swedish but everything I knew was rote learnt. Within the first lesson I learnt more than in my 27 years of existance with Swedish relatives. Thank you.

Pär-Johan is an excellent Swedish teacher. I had tried to learn some Swedish from books / cds prior to coming to his classes, but found that I learnt so much more during the lessons. I have since had some one-to-one lessons, and find that I learn even more in these than the group sessions. Pär-Johan teaches the language the way languages should be taught. He is great with grammar, pronunciation etc. If you want to learn Swedish this is the way to do it.

Pär-Johan's classes are really fun and a great way to learn correct pronounciation and vocabulary from a skilled teacher. I have made some great friends in the classes and met other Swedes and swede-enthusiasts through the classes. A much more successful way of learning Swedish than from your partner!

I’ve been learning Swedish with Pär-Johan since October 2017 and have enjoyed every lesson. On top of the great language lessons, I’ve also made some great friends through his classes and got involved with the Swedish culture in Perth. He caters for all levels, even within the same class, and is very patient and friendly. Highly recommend.

Pär-Johan is a great teacher and knows all the tricks to make your learning easier. I have had group and individual lessons with Pär-Johan, both were way more productive than my books and CD self-teaching.
Lessons are well structured and the teacher is fun, making me looking forward to each session.
On the top of it, Pär-Johan is as flexible as possible when you can't attend a session.

I’ve been learning Swedish with Pär-Johan since September last year and it has been really great. The lessons are well structured and thoroughly enjoyable. Pär-Johan is well organised and flexible. I would strongly recommend Pär-Johan and this service.

Easy to book, great communication and extremely friendly. Definitely recommend. I’m excited to get started!

Pär-Johan is a wonderful teacher with a sharp ear. He will help you find the holes in your Swedish or explain to you the bad habits you have picked up like the difference between colloquialisms and correct Swedish. He is strict but kind.

Pär-Johan is a FANTASTIC teacher. He knows how to get the best out of each student, and makes each lesson fun. He has become a great friend and I look forward to my lessons every week. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Swedish!!!

Had spent years trying to learn Swedish on and off making very slow progress, two semesters with Pär-Johan and a new solid grasp on the fundamentals of Swedish and am clearing much more ground than ever before. Entertaining, knowledgeable and inspiring teacher! Couldn't recommend more.

Pär-Johan is an amazing teacher. I found myself learning at a much faster rate than expected and enjoyed every minute of it. :-)

Pär-Johan is a great teacher, highly recommended.

Pär-Johan is amazing! I found out about him from his Facebook page and I'm so enjoying lessons by Skype.