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Do you want to Learn2speakSwedish?

My name is Pär-Johan Goody-Rohdin and I'm a native speaker of Swedish. I teach Swedish classes and do Private Tutoring (face-to-face and online).

I have lived in Australia since 2004. I was a teacher of Swedish for the Swedish School of WA between 2006 and 2017. I’ve been tutoring privately since 2008.

I love to teach Swedish.

Below you will find all the relevant information including Payment details and Registration form.

For further information, please email Learn2speakSwedish@gmail.com.

Swedish Language Course for Adults

Learn2speakSwedish offers two courses for adults - a Beginners course and a Continuing Beginners course.

The lessons are held on Mondays from 6.15pm to 8.45pm (2.5 hours with a short break). 

Dates for the future courses are listed below (dates subject to change).

  • Beginners course 
        - Starts 1st October 2018
   - Runs for 7 weeks
   - Finishes 12th November
   - Registration closes 24th September

  • Beginners course
       - Starts early 2019. Watch this space!
       - Runs for 7 weeks

  • Continuing Beginners course
       - Starts later in 2019. Watch this space!
       - Runs for 7 weeks

  • The lessons are held at George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Road, Karawara.
     When you enter the building, take the first hallway on the right, to room 3A.     
     Please see Directions at the bottom of the page.

Course description

  • Beginners ~ For students who have never learnt Swedish. The topics I cover in this semester include:

         - the alphabet and pronunciation
         - counting
         - the most common punctuation marks (?  !   -   .   ,  etc.)

         - words of family members (wife, father, child etc.)

         - question words (when, where, how etc.)

         - telling time (clock)
         - times of the day (morning, night etc.)
         - days of the week
         - months of the year
         - dates (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.)
         - introduce yourself

         - personal pronouns (I, you, he etc.)
         - some common verbs (in present tense)

         - conversational Swedish (meeting and greeting, basic story telling etc.)

         - basic writing, listening & reading comprehension

         - some basic rules of indefinite/definite nouns in singular/plural (a car, the car, two cars, the cars)

  • Continuing Beginners ~ For students who have completed the Beginners course, or have already learnt some Swedish.

Note! I can only offer a course with a minimum of six students. If only the minimum of six students
register, I may have to cancel or shift the course if someone withdraws before the course starts.

Course fee & Payment details

7 lessons (including course material): $279

If you want an English/Swedish dictionary, I recommend Norstedts engelska ordbok Pro, which is available electronically.
That way you'll always have it with you. It contains about 280,000 headwords and phrases.
You can buy it here: Android or Apple.

Course material will be handed out at the first lesson. Please bring your own pen, note pad and water!

Note: Learn2speakSwedish is not registered for GST. Therefore no GST is added.

Please register by completing the form below together with your payment.

Please pay by bank transfer (see below) or by credit card: PayPal.me.

Account name: Par-Johan Goody-Rohdin
Bank: RaboDirect      BSB: 142-201      Account number: 004 665 500      Amount: $279

Please use your surname and first initial as reference (e.g. Smith M).

Registration form

To open the form in a new tab/window, please click here!


To get to George Burnett Leisure Centre, take either Kwinana Freeway (Manning Road exit coming from the north or Canning Highway exit coming from the south) or Canning Highway to Manning Road, or Leach Highway to Manning Road if you’re coming from the east.

Waterford Plaza is a few hundred meters further east along Manning Road from the George Burnett Leisure Centre.
At Waterford Plaza there is a range of food outlets if you wish to get a quick meal before the lesson starts.
Food is not allowed in the class room.

Please click on a picture to see all of it. For a Google map, click here.